Monday, July 27, 2009

Friend healing, Boulder style

Last night my friends soothed me in a way I'd never experienced, and I'm so grateful for it.

I came to their house like a charged porcupine, my hairs on end, sharp and ready to strike. My vision was blurry with venom, from anger at two very different weekend interactions that triggered the roots of my emotions, that clawed at me and made me snake-like and smoking.

And then I stepped into this place where three of my female friends live. They are air, all Libras, and I needed them to settle me, to cool me. There was one man there, to whom I was initially opposed, but who quickly earned my trust.

After I got some poison off my chest through conversation, we sat around the hookah and lounged like Roman goddesses (plus one emperor). They all gave me a massage with coconut oil to free my tension, and reiki to heal me. Our man played us guitar, bluegrass was sung, and people intermittently got up to dance, to move their hips in wide, encompassing circles. Ridiculous puppet antics were caught on camera, and there was just so much love, love, love in that room.

I felt so incredibly blessed.