Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Overheard: reminders from writers

I'm sitting at Trident Café (as I do often) overhearing an interview between two male writers and an author named Sara.

When one of the writers asks her why she moved to Boulder, she says that she had been in Thailand wondering where to move next, and as she was doing yoga looking out her window, an intense wave of feeling washed over her and she saw Boulder. She saw the mountains.

"My sister was living [here] and I called her and said, 'Don't tell anyone, but I'm going to ship all my things from Thailand to you and I'm moving there.'"

When asked how she felt about Boulder, Sara replies:
"It's felt like a really good incubation place to write my book, to connect with a lot of other like-minded people, to have access to great teachers, to have access to nature—which is one of my great teachers—and to really strengthen myself internally and externally."
This is the point when I find out she was diagnosed with an illness; I'm not sure which.

Sara is a runner, yoga practitioner, meditator, hiker. It seems her book focuses on the idea of exercise helping to self-heal.

"I have a lot of fire energy, and I like to turn that inward to heal myself," she says.

I look at her more closely; she is beautiful. Healthy. Strong.

"I don't regret how things happen," she says. "I'm not a victim."

Thank you, Ms. Unknown Writer, for the reminders.