Monday, March 2, 2009

Compost bin replaces considerate boyfriend

I went into my office building’s bathroom today and noticed some beautiful flowers in the compost bin. Props to whoever chose to compost them instead of throw them in the trash, but they were still good. Perhaps I say that because my definition of “good” also includes the cool way in which the petals of flowers fall off and surround my dying bouquets like a colorful moat. Then, I save them and use them to decorate the top of my toilet. Essentially, flowers are always “good” to me in some way.

Well. I didn’t understand why perfectly good flowers should just go to waste, so I picked out the best ones from the compost bin, cut them anew, placed them in fresh water and put them on my office desk.

My beauties:

What I love the most is that since I live in such an eco-friendly town (even our farmer's market, which starts up again April 3, is 100% zero-waste), I can just attribute this to sound environmental decision-making.

We could also call this situation, “Amy gets her flowers from the trash." But, let's not.

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