Thursday, April 30, 2009

Inner spring cleaning

Sometimes, all it takes is connecting with a friend to help get you back on track.

This morning I talked to one of my best girl friends, Julia, who recently moved away from Boulder to Sedona, Ariz. She is an artist, a yoga teacher, a musician, and one of the strongest most beautiful women I know. She is an inspiration.

I'd been feeling displaced lately, leaving eraser rubbings of myself in uncomfortable places, and Julia, in her ever-expansive helpfulness, asked her crystal pendulum some yes/no questions for me. The results are answers I'm already aware of, but I believe it's helpful to have an outside source — even if the interpretation is really coming from yourself — to tell you things you already know you should be doing. Or, not doing.

As a result, I'm faced with some great changes. I need to step away from things that are stunting my growth and bringing me only temporary and fleeting benefits.

A Twitter friend of mine asked a question: What is your defining mission in life? I answered: "To connect, empower and help people through my writing." And I realized how wonderful it is to be able to answer that question without hesitation.

So, today I am taking things back that have spilled outside myself. Welcome home.


  1. Wow, I'm so glad my question inspired this post :) It's beautiful. Although, I realized after asking that question that I have so much difficulty answering it myself. I don't think I have figured myself out to that extent, yet. I am envious that you know, so clearly, what you want!

    I've been reading your posts, and it really makes me miss creative writing. Your posts are so beautiful, that it makes me want to get back into this type of writing (I used to write creatively a lot).

  2. @Akhila - Thank you for your kind words. While a lot of things bring me joy, I feel it most profoundly when I'm writing. It's such a true, grounding kind of happiness for me. I'm sure you'd have no problem getting back into writing creatively - you're such a great writer anyway (I read your blog often as well).

    I also love and resonate with your mission to stay true to yourself - that's something that I struggle with in my personal life. I'm sure we can learn from each other. :)

  3. Amy, I love your blog and I love your posts; you have such a beautiful way of writing and communicating your thoughts. This post resonates with me, especially this: "As a result, I'm faced with some great changes. I need to step away from things that are stunting my growth and bringing me only temporary and fleeting benefits."

    It has taken me a very long time to realize that I need to let go of things that were doing me more harm than good. Whether it was a relationship or a situation, as much as I wanted to hold on to these things, I was changing, I was growing, and I had to leave them behind. That's what these words remind me of -- those times when I had to let go and saw tremendous things happen when I finally did.

    And in the event of full disclosure: I completely believe in these outside sources...I've had tarot readings and had the opportunity to meet with a medium, and while deep down I knew these truths they told me for myself, I needed to admit them, to acknowledge them. Sometimes, it helps to have someone kind of force you to be honest with yourself, tell you things that maybe you didn't want to, but maybe you needed to hear.

    Beautiful post, thanks for sharing it, and best of luck to you.

  4. @Susan Pogorzelski - Thank you for your compliments; I love reading your writing as well over at your blog.

    I'm glad you can relate - and especially regarding getting motivation from what feels like outside sources. Are you sure you don't live in Boulder? :) My friend Annie does tarot readings and she does them for me occasionally - she's also done some "theta healing" on me, which is basically just a meditation to manifest positive things and to open yourself to the abundance the universe has to offer.

    I am perhaps now sounding too kooky for a lot of my readers but... essentially, same thing you said - it definitely helps to have someone almost force you to be honest with yourself. Good phrasing.