Monday, April 1, 2013

The Writer’s Shop: A Business Proposal

Dear investor,

The shop will acknowledge a writer’s many layers of inspiration and put them in one convenient, sensitive space. It will have a section for music—grouped by headings such as Sultry, Spiked, Airy—and a section with a variety of pens, journals and keyboards. The shop will serve wine and coffee at all hours of the day (see attached: Operational Requirements) and perhaps manzanilla and bourbon.

The shop will sell books on writing, poetry, sin, sex, evolution and consciousness. In the back we will have a “perfumes of ex-lovers” corner, a “spices from your mother’s kitchen” shelf, and various aromas of common narcotics. It will have a second story with an open balcony for throwing oneself off of a ledge and climbing back up again (see: Budget Plan, Section C: large used mattresses, ladders). It will have a dark attic equipped with shovels, and sand-filled crawl spaces, where writer’s can practice digging toward things we can’t see, whose edges are undefined, whose sprawl is unknown.

We will not do any writing, for safety precautions.

Thank you.

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