Saturday, November 28, 2009

When the cold comes, yearning billows out

Without memory, he thought,
man would be invincible.

Simon Van Booy


  1. Hey, Real Madrid are playing Barcelona in a few hours.

    Oh to be in a warm Spanish bar on a wild winter's evening with un trozo de tortilla española, un gran con leche and (just maybe, later) una caña... (a slice of Spanish omelette, a huge white coffee and a small draught beer).

  2. @Roads - I absolutely love watching Real Madrid (or any fútbol, really) in bars! Everyone gets so worked up over their cañas.

    In Madrid I find they call them more "pinchos" of tortilla... but it is unimportant - tortilla española is one of my favorite tapas. I even have a favorite place for it - Matador in Plaza de Santa Ana. Even when served cold, it's phenomenal - and it comes with three pieces of tomato/garlic-covered bread. Mmm...